New FEATURISTIC Mixtape & Music Video


“Casey Carter Radio” JugaHill f./ Jay Barz
“Back on Top” Rockwell Powers f./ Neema
“Talk About Me” Irish f./ Brainstorm
“Illness” Jack the Ripper f./ Brainstorm
“Get Silly(remake)” V.I.C.
“Money on my mind(remake)” Lil’Wayne
“Street Runner” Meez, Baba Maraire
“Gettin some Head(remake)” Shawnna f./ SK
“Tougher” J.Pinder, Luck-One & Sax G Whiz
“Fly with No Wings” Logics, Bad Newz, Fatal Lucciauno & Lockcity
“Loyalty” D.Black & B.Brown
“Knee Deep” Kiem Bundlez f./ Rio
“Still fly( Dena Muf*ka remake)” Page f./ Drake
“L’s or Hell” Fatal Lucciauno f./ Joeking
“Best I ever had(remake)” Drake
“Dead Wrong(remake)” Notorious B.I.G. f./ Eminem
“Up Early In’Em” Mashhall f./ Taysean, Ron the voice
“40 bar dash” DJ Nphared & Ryan ona Mission
“The Truth(remake)” Jake One f./ Freeway & Brother Ali
“Don’t Turn Around” Mars Jackson
“The Fly” Eighty4 Fly
“Yuk The Police” BeanOne & Xperience
“On To The Next One(remake)” Jay-z f./ Swizz Beatz & The Good Sin
“Neck Of The Woods(Home Of Nike *Remake)” Baby f./ Lil’Wayne, Rapper E & Luck-One
“Big Homie Style” Jake One f./ J.pinder & GMK
“Yesterday(Sportn’ Life remix)” D.Black f./ Marissa G., S.K.& Fatal Lucciauno
“Mayor(remake)” Pac Div f./ Logics & Five
“Fly As We Iz” Wizdom f./ Brainstorm
“Get It Girl” ZNi
“I Believe” D.Black
“Gunnaman” Lux The Pilot
“Work” Grynch f./ JFK
“Dope” TayWill f./ Sye Hollywood
“Replacement Girl(remake)” Drake f./ Trey Songz
“Money To Blow(remake)” Baby f./ Drake, Lil’Wayne



Examine a star aka Google Me Bia!
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